Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quotes from The Hag

I just started reading Merle Haggard's autobiography My House of Memories, and thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite quotes on here. Merle is one of my favorite country singers of all time, so I'm sure it will be an enjoyable and fascinating read.

"I've heard tens of thousands chant my name when I couldn't hear the voice of my own soul."

"Country music is different today and more popular than it has ever been. But it seems a little short on soul and substance sometimes, and it doesn't turn me on!"

"What an unselfish man he was, to do what he needed to instead of what he wanted to." (regarding his father)

"Ever since my early childhood, I have found more importance in the trait of honesty--and was aware of its necessity--than maybe most children."

"There is something about moving that liberates me to this day, even though I sometimes get burned out from all my traveling."

"There is a restlessness in my soul that I've never conquered, not with motion, marriages, or meaning, although I'm more satisfied today than ever. My restlessness isn't as pronounced as it was when I was young. I've mellowed a lot, but it's still there to a degree. And it will be till the day I die."

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