Monday, June 18, 2012

Lake Songs

Laurel River Lake - Corbin, KY

The lake is like the ocean for those who aren't lucky enough to live on the coast. Sure, it's not nearly as vast, but you have everything you need: a boat, water, beer, friends, and music. And you can't relax on a tube and drink a beer in the ocean without getting swept out to sea. In my experience, there's nothing that can make you hate your job, and fantasize about being out on the water, more than good lake song. Here are a few:

Brad Paisley - "Be the Lake"
It was either this or his 2010 hit "Water." This one wins out because of the bluegrassy intro and a sweet banjo lick. Paisley can a times become a parody of himself with his humorous songs, but this one's pretty clever. The guy just wants to get close to a hot gal. "Wish I could be the lake that you're swimming in."

Alan Jackson - "Chattahoochee"
The Chattahoochee is a river, but who cares. This is an undisputed classic.

Craig Morgan - "Redneck Yacht Club"
I'm not the biggest Craig Morgan fan, but he has released some great singles and this is one of them. It's just undeniably fun. And there is actual country instrumentation: banjo, fiddle, steel guitar. Perfect lake song.

John Prine - "Lake Marie"
So it's not necessarily about partying on the lake, and Prine literally talks the verses, and a murder occurs, and it may or may not be a metaphor for the dissolution of a marriage, but it's one of the greatest songs ever written. The chorus will give you chills. Also, it contains a great image of Italian sausages sizzlin' on the grill.

 Drive-By Truckers - "Drag the Lake Charlie"
 This is another uplifting song about a possible murder and the search for the body. But DAMN, that guitar riff is a thing of hard rock and roll beauty. I'd have it on repeat on the boat speakers all day long.

Zac Brown Band featuring Jimmy Buffett - "Knee Deep"
A perfect ode to getting out on the water and leaving the daily grind behind for a few days. It's also pretty clever lyrically. "Only worry in the world, is the tide gonna reach my chair?" (I know, lakes don't have tides. Oh well. It still works.)

Kenny Chesney featuring Uncle Kracker - "When the Sun Goes Down"
It doesn't get much more easygoing tip-it-on-(laid)-back than this. And, as a night owl, it's a personal favorite.

Stayed tuned tomorrow for a review of Little Big Town's new single, "Pontoon," country radio's latest ode to heavy machinery that glides on water.

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