Thursday, January 17, 2013

Venerable Video: "Cry Help" by I Draw Slow

I'm attempting to start a new feature here on the blog: the Venerable Video. These will just be videos--music videos, live, or otherwise--that I've run across recently or that I remember from long ago. I am making the word "venerable" (which means "commanding respect because of great age or impressive dignity" and is a term usually reserved for historical figures and politicians) fit here because I've always loved that word and alliteration is fun. I do this as a way to try and keep the posts coming, at least weekly. Whereas as my song reviews tend to be three or more paragraphs, I will try to keep these in "snippet" form--no more than four or five sentences. Wish me luck.

This Americana band from Dublin, Ireland is led by siblings Dave and Louise Holden, who play acoustic guitar and sing lead vocals, respectively. Their style is a mix of folk and bluegrass that sounds like it came directly from the hills and hollers of Appalachia (which is pretty cool considering the Scots-Irish heritage of many who live and have lived in that region of the US). But by no means are they trapped in the past; this is old-time music that is assuredly contemporary. This video of "Cry Help" off their 2012 album Red Hills is shot beautifully in black and white at one of their lives shows in Dublin, complimenting the melancholy feel of the song. It is one of those songs that most definitely tells a story but lyrically doesn't spell everything out, thus rewarding repeated listens. You won't be able to get the stunning chorus out of your head. (Band Website)

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