Monday, November 5, 2012

Playlist For Election Day 2012

In celebration of Election Day, here are some songs I've enjoyed over the years that touch on various aspects, both specific and general, of the American political system:

Reckless Kelly - "Pennsylvania Avenue"
 What about a man's worth, what it used to mean
Before the radio waves and big screen
You talk about hard work and a steady hand
We put our trust in you, you better stick to the plan

Derek Webb - "A Savior On Capitol Hill"
You can always trust the devil or a politician
o be the devil or a politician
ut beyond that, friends, you’d best beware
’Cause at the Pentagon bar they’re an inseparable pair
nd as long as the lobbyists are paying their bills
e’ll never have a savior on Capitol Hill

The Everybodyfields - "TVA"
I don’t need no dam or no damn FDR
Making power for some other factory
They can have their reasons, whatever they are
And take them back to their authorities
God the Father said Jesus Christ,
I don’t know about this electricity
I use the day to steal the nights
And make my waters rise
They’re trying to take my job away from me

Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore - "Only A Song"
I've been thinking about Providence
And craving a root beer float
I didn't make these rules
But it's time for us to row this boat
And on the horizon 
I see windmills sprouting up in rows
There's young folks farming
And a few that are gonna vote
But this is only a song, it can't change the world

Chatham County Line - "Birmingham Jail"
It was early December in the year of '63
George Wallace defied what the federal courts they did decree
They said make your school doors open for the child of black white
Wallace clenched up both his fists and he called out for a fight

Drive-By Truckers - "Puttin' People On the Moon"
Another Joker in the White House, said a change was comin' round
But I'm still working at the Wal-Mart, Mary Alice in the ground
And all them politicians, they're all lying sacks of shit
They say better days upon us but I'm sucking left hind tit
And the preacher on the TV says it ain't too late for me
But I bet he drives a Cadillac and I'm broke with hungry mouths to feed

Grayson Capps - "New Orlean Waltz"
Let's not complain about Mayor Ray Nagin
I think that he's done the best that he could
I just wish people would stop pointing fingers
And rebuild the levee 'cause the levee's no good

Chris Knight - "In The Mean Time"
Well I'm pretty sure that the government ain't gonna save you
The good Lord helps the ones that help themselves
You wanna stand on your own two feet
And use some backbone
Don't go crawling on your knees and begging for help
It'll do ya good in the meantime 

 John Prine - "Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore" 
Your flag decal won't get you into Heaven anymore
They're already overcrowded from your dirty little war
Now Jesus don't like killing
No matter what the reason's for
And your flag decal won't get you into Heaven anymore

 Over the Rhine - "If A Song Could Be President"
They would show us where our country went wrong
Strum their guitars on the White House lawn
John Prine would run the FBI
All the criminals would laugh and cry
If a song could be president

 Ryan Bingham - "Too Deep To Fill" 
And I'm going to New York City
I'm going to see if I can find out why
Them boys on Wall Street
Stole the shoes right off of our feet
And left us without food for suppertime
I'm going out to join the protest
I'm going to stand up a sing
It's time once again to stand up and demand
That this land was made for you and me

 The Steeldrivers - "Sticks That Made Thunder"
(from the perspective of a tree during the Civil War)
Some were the color of the sky in the winter
And some were as blue as the night
They came like a storm with the light of the morn
And fell through the whole day and night
The colors flew high and they danced in the sky
As I watched them come over the hill
And then to my wonder were sticks that made thunder
Such a great number lay still

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